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St. Mary's College of Meycauayan


Pre-School Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Tertiary Education

   B.S. in Accountancy

   B.S. in Commerce Major in


-  Financial Management

-  Computer Science

-  Management Accounting

   B.S. in Tourism Major in:

-  Hotel and Resort Management

-  Travel Management

   B.S. in Computer Science

   B.S. in Information Technology

   Bachelor in Elementary Education w/ Specialization in:

-  English            

-  Mathematics                    

-  Filipino

-  Pre-School

   Bachelor in Secondary Education w/ Specialization in:

-  English

-  Mathematics                    

-  Filipino

-  General Science

   B.S. in Hospitality Management formerly known as BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management (Ladderized Program)

   B.S. Nursing




St. Mary's College of Meycauayan
Meycauayan, Bulacan