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St. Mary's College of Meycauayan
Religious of the Virgin Mary


The RVM Education Ministry


The RVM Education Ministry wishes to convey its firm adherence to the Vatican II declaration on Christian Foundation which recognizes the important role of Education in the process of evangelization. Education proclaims the word of GOD and brings about the transformation of the human person.


"For the true education aims at the formation of the human person in the pursuit of his ultimate goal and of the societies of which, as man, he is a member and, and in whose obligations, as an adult he will share." (Gravissimum Educationis I)


The RVM Education Ministry responds to this call of the Church and articulates this




A transformed society living in love, justice and peace under the reign of God.

We hope to attain this vision through our




We, the RVM Educators, commit ourselves to form the total human person who actively witnesses the gospel values in his community. The goal of our Education Ministry is the formation of the whole person - the spiritual, intellectual, psychological, physical and social dimensions. This integration makes him fully alive and enables him to live and witness to the life of Christ.


The RVM Philosophy of Education


The Building of the Kingdom

We believe that


God is the father who is abounding in love created man to share His love
but man chose to go his way and lost God's friendship.

The Father sent Jesus to show man the way back to Him
and to invite His Kingdom on earth.

The Father sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify, inspire, guide and enlighten man
in the building of the Kingdom.

It was through Mary as Virgin Mother that Jesus came into the world and
it is through her that He reigns in the world.

We believe that...


EDUCATION is a life-long process whereby man grows and develops
his potentials in the pursuit of his God-given mission to build the Kingdom.

SCHOOL is a phrase in the process of growth of the person and
is an aid in the fulfillment of the mission.

STUDENT is a child of his environment unique with his own history, capacities,
and inspiration and has the goodness, the promise and potential
for the actualization of the mission entrusted to him.

The TEACHER is a person dedicated to the process of becoming, who is both
witness to and a participant in transforming the experience of the student.

We believe that...


LEARNING is a growth affected in the student through the living of an experience.

TEACHING is the facilitating of learning through encounter with
other persons in the context of respect, acceptance and trust.

The CORE of education is Christian Living.

Religious of the Virgin Mary